Underlay will make the carpet feel softer as it provides cushioning that makes carpet so comfortable.
Reduce noise pollution Acts as a barrier to sound.

Thermal Insulation
; by using carpet underlay you are providing an additional layer of insulation, which reduces the heat loss through floorboards and also reduces under floor draughts.

The underlay acts as a barrier by reducing the flow of air, thereby reducing the dust particles carried by the air.

Minimizes furniture indentations.

Underlay supports a carpet and therefore helps to prevent furniture from spoiling the look of your carpet as Underlay acts like a “shock absorber” enabling the carpet to stand up to wear and tear.

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit Floor Direct Ltd Underlay Selection; the Brands below are linked to all our major suppliers which will help you choose from a huge range of Colours and Designs to suit your taste.

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The Cloud 9 range of underlays offer excellent heat and sound insulation but are lighter than conventional rubber underlays.

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Well known Duralay products include Treadmore, System 10, Durafit, Timbermate Excel and Heatflow, all are manufactured in the UK.

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Carpenter UK's underlay large range is made from recycled material and is fully recyclable. Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet.

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