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Floor Direct Can Help You Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home


Floor Direct, based in Islington, is the leading provider of carpet in Islington, Greater London, and the surrounding counties. We have over 20 years of expertise in the flooring industry, and we can we can supply and fit any type of flooring, wherever you wish.

You may want to install new carpet or other flooring in your home, for example, or you may be building a brand-new home. You may have a business, such as a hotel or restaurant, a butcher’s or a corner shop. When you have any sort of business you are getting more footfall than in a home, but the type of flooring that you need can still vary. For example, a hotel will likely need lots of heavy quality carpet, whereas in a restaurant, where there can be spills, you may need something that can take the traffic and yet be easy to clean, such as laminate or LVT or even anti slip safety flooring in working areas.

For example, you might choose herringbone engineered wood flooring for the entrance hall in your home. The possibilities are actually almost endless because there are just so many different types of wood that you could use. It is very much a matter of personal taste, just as long as the wood can handle the foot traffic, which, of course, herringbone engineered wood flooring can do very well.

Apart from the appearance of the floor, one has to take into consideration the footfall and also the use of the room. So, for example, most people wouldn’t put a carpet in the kitchen but would use tile or vinyl or laminate. But then when you look at those choices, such as vinyl and laminate, they are available in different thicknesses. Which one should you choose?

Happy To Help

As the leading provider of carpet in Islington, we are happy to help you, and to supply and fit any sort of carpet that you wish, from very affordable to top quality luxury. There are many different mixes when it comes to carpet, such as 100% wool, 100% polypropylene, a mix of both, polyester, synthetic, a mix of wool with polypropylene and Tuftbond, and so on.

You can begin to see why choosing flooring can be so complex, but this is why we are happy to send one of our experts to your property to help you make the right decisions both from the point of view of aesthetics and, naturally, your budget.