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Terms & Conditions

Please read the quotation items and make sure that all works needed and agreed are covered.

Should you require further clarification or have any question, please contact our customer service.- Tel: +44 208 616 0508.


We offer free estimate service visits within 2miles radius from our postcode.
We give the overall square meters areas of the measured area, and not the breakdown size of each room/area.


Delivery date and time are only estimates since the material was ordered from a third party that Floor direct cannot control. Floor direct will try to meet the agreed date and time slot with the client, otherwise Floor direct will reschedule the nearest available slot.

Carpets sometimes need to be folded to ease the delivery and drop off especially when there are staircases or small rooms. This might result in crease. This crease might take some weeks to be stretched and back to normal shape.

Delivering and offloading products (carpet roll, vinyl roll, wood packs) and dropping it on the site and inside the rooms/ areas will be done with extreme care from our fitters. However, if minor defects occur (for example to walls, etc.) due to that and require some re touch, it is the responsibility of the client.

If the parking area available is more than 5 minutes’ walk from the job site, extra charges will occur.

In the case of supply only service, the delivery term will be to the kerb side.

The Floor direct team will contact the client upon arrival, If the client does not respond or fails to be available on the day and time of the delivery, then a charge for rescheduling the delivery will occur.

Fitting Day

Estimated arrival and finish times for the agreed works are only a guide. Many circumstances during the day can cause people to run ahead or behind the agreed schedule. Floor Direct cannot give a specific time. Our fitting schedule start time is between 9 am to 6pm. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, fitters might be delayed. Customer should be on site to give access for the fitter to the property between the notified time. Floor Direct can contact customers an hour prior, if notified by the customer.

On rare occasions, the manufacturer might send a short cut or not enough stock as ordered, therefore the job might not be completed on the agreed date. Upon stock availability and delivery schedule, Floor direct will complete the work the soonest.

On rare occasions the fitter might not report to work due to sickness or personal urgent matters. Floor direct will try and arrange for another team to do the work on the same day or will have to reschedule the fitting date towards the nearest available slot.

The client is kindly requested to leave a reachable mobile contact. If the Floor Direct team are not able to reach the client for any upcoming or hidden extra work, Floor direct installers will take a reasonable decision and proceed with the work and the client will agree to any extra cost occurring.

Clients are responsible for securing all pets prior to Floor direct team arrival and assuring the installation process is smooth.

Electrical Supply Should be available at the site.

A parking space should be arranged by the customer, otherwise if the fitters need to pay parking charges, this will be charged to the customers.

Floor direct will be responsible only for works that are estimated and measured by its team. How ever if the client has shared the sizes or a floor plan, it will be the client’s responsibility for any discrepancy.


Once a fitting day is confirmed, cancellation can be made only 24 hours, before 12:00 noon the prior day of the installation agreed date.

A minimum call out of £150 will be charged if our team arrive at the site without being notified of any cancellation or postponement prior to 24 hours for not gaining.

Client refunds are processed within 7 working days, if the material is still not ordered or cut, otherwise the client will pay the material cost only.

Uplift and Dispose

Remove & Dispose of any existing floor is not included unless it is specified and itemized in the quotation.

Our installers will not dispose of any flooring cut offs or waste out of work unless it is charged for and itemized in the quotation. Please contact our customer service department for prices.

Vacuuming carpet lint from the new carpet and underlay or dust out of laminate/wood cutting is the customer responsibility, otherwise extra charges will apply- Please contact our customer service for prices.

In the case of old skirting boards removal, Floor direct team will remove them with full care, but there is no guarantee that the old skirting boards can be refitted and the walls behind or above the skirtings will remain in a good condition. If skimming, bonding, and paint retouch – Please note that the new paint color will have a shade variation- for the damaged areas is required, then extra charges will apply.

The uplift price mentioned in the quotation is for a normal uplift operation i.e., if the old flooring is glued down/ fixed/ nailed, Floor direct cannot guarantee that the sub floor might not get damaged, and the uplift will require more time and efforts, where extra charges will apply.

Sub Floor

Floor Direct did not allow for any levelling, boarding or repairs that may be required to the subfloor.

This quotation is based on a good condition sub floor i.e. flat and level i.e. +/- 3mm in any 3-meter direction.

It is recommended, if possible, that the client lifts the whole old flooring before the inspection team visits. If the sub floor is covered with any type of flooring, Floor Direct will not be able to inspect and assess the condition of the subfloor, unless the work starts.

If the sub floor is not in good condition, the client will be notified about any extra charges to make the sub floor ready to receive the new floor.

Floor Direct does not measure moisture level prior to any floor fitting. The subfloor needs special dampness/ moisture dehumidifying treatment before laying any new flooring, if this is the case, it is the client’s responsibility to check/ confirm if the sub floor has moisture from a previous leak or any other reason.

For Vinyl flooring, the fitting should be done on top of a smooth and even the sub floor and not over any type of flooring. If the client decides to fit the vinyl on top of any floor -which also should be also in a good condition-, then Floor direct will not be liable for any future problem that might come out.

In the event where the client has electric cables, gas or water pipes, under- floor heating or other conditions under the existing floor, subfloor, or skirting boards, Floor direct should be notified prior to the start of the job, otherwise, Floor Direct will not be liable to any small or grave damages that could occur.

To prevent any damage that can cause any leaks, all pipes underneath the subfloor must be approximate 8 cm away. A reasonable difference is expected to install plywood, hardboard, chipboard…etc. It is the customer’s liability to ensure that all pipes are not in harm’s way. Floor Direct Ltd will not be liable for any unforeseen damage or leaks occurring during installation.

Furniture & Appliances

This quotation is based on a clear area zone i.e., no furniture/ accessories, appliances, or personal items/belongings available in the work zone.

The Floor Direct team will move any furniture if agreed under full care at no responsibility.

Furniture moving price covers large items only. Personal, accessories, electronic, electrical, small items, and valuable items to be cleared/ boxed by the client.

Wardrobes, storage units, chest drawers to be emptied prior to any moving works.

The Floor direct team will not move any item that is fixed to the floor, walls, ceiling, or dangerous items.

Kitchen appliances, if not itemized in the quote will not be moved.

The floor direct shall not be liable in respect of any claim arising out of work on or in connection with computers by you or your employee or the failure of any fire or intruder alarm switchgear control panel or machinery to perform its intended function.

Moth Issues

Floor Direct Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any unseen circumstances or moth infestation. Our professional estimators will make every effort to include every item they can foresee.

Any Moth resistant carpet does not mean or indicate that it is moth proof. The moth resistant carpet is treated with a special chemical that prevents the moth from eating the carpet. However, if there is a moth issue before the fitting of the new carpet, it is the responsibility of the client to hire a professional company before purchasing/ installing their new flooring.

Floor direct advises that any moth issue be treated by the client prior to any installation.


The client should arrange for any door shaving if needed to fit the new floor, otherwise Floor Direct Ltd. Can carry out the shaving works with a basic door trimmer for normal doors at an extra charge. If Floor Direct Ltd undertakes the door shaving, client is aware that the door bottom might need paint touch which Floor Direct Ltd is not liable or responsible for.

Safety & Hygiene Measures

The Floor direct team reserves the right to pull up urine-soaked floors or for other conditions.

The floor direct team will not take their shoes off and will not wear a face mask during the fitting; therefore no one other than the fitters should be around during the work. However, they will wear a face mask and practice social distance only upon arrival if needed.

Inspection, measurement, fittings will not take place for any booked job if any household member is showing symptoms, self-isolated, or tested positive COVID 19. The customer is liable to notify Floor Direct Ltd.

Colour Shades Variation

Natural Products like wood or wool will have natural colour variations, as a result client might expect colour variations, this is not a product defect, and no refund or placement will be done if found.

Floor direct is not liable for any pile shading difference, light and dark areas arising from unequal surface pressure.

Terms & Conditions mentioned at will apply.