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How Would You Like A Marble Or Solid Wood Floor?

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How would you like to have a marble floor in your kitchen? Or perhaps in your bathroom? Something similar to those floors that you see if you ever visit an ancient castle which is open to the public. Or perhaps a cathedral.

Marble flooring looks fabulous and also looks very expensive. Chiefly, that is because it is very expensive! Because marble is a natural stone that has formed over millions of years, it has to be quarried and then cut into slabs. Every slab is different because it is a natural material, and it can have amazing grain effects. It is also available in a wide range of colours. The grain effects and colours will depend upon the particular minerals that were in the ground when the rock formed in the first place, so marble from one source will look very different from that from another.

Marble is also a very cold stone which is why it is used not only for flooring but also for kitchen worktops because it is a perfect surface for producing dough and pastries. However, if you are going to have a marble floor in the bathroom you can also install underfloor heating in order that your feet don’t get cold when you step out of the bath or shower.

Natural Wood Is Another Choice

Maybe you are not a marble or stone fan but would like natural wood flooring. As a natural material, wood is also available in a wide choice of shades and grains, depending upon the particular type of wood that you choose. Wood flooring doesn’t last as long as marble or other stones, but nonetheless will last for many years. Even if it should get scratched, you can have it sanded down again. But again, it is an expensive material.

So how would you like to have real marble or wood effect flooring but without the cost? Well, you can! Welcome to Islington flooring! At Floor Direct, we can provide you with Islington laminate flooring which simulates marble, stone, wood, or almost anything else that you wish.

So, you can have the effect that you want without the cost, because as the leading Islington flooring company, while we can supply and install marble, wood, or other flooring in natural materials, the alternative is laminate which looks exactly the same.

Our Islington laminate flooring will give you the floor of your dreams without breaking the bank!