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Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Consider Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Your Bathroom

If you are considering vinyl flooring for bathrooms in the UK, we can help you at Floor Direct. Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for a bathroom because it is completely waterproof. The vinyl tiles click together (that is why it is also known as vinyl click flooring) and once locked, there is no way that any water can seep between them. That means that any water which spills on to the floor, for example when getting out of the shower or bath, can simply be mopped up, or in the case of a small amount just left to air dry.

Safe With Underfloor Heating

You can also use luxury vinyl flooring in the bathroom in conjunction with underfloor heating. Many people are installing UFH (underfloor heating) in their bathrooms, and the vinyl will simply expand and contract as the temperature of the floor changes. Combined with the fact that it is totally waterproof, it means that you can step out of the bath or shower and walk about on the vinyl if you wish to. 

Much the same thing applies if you are washing your hair in the basin. There are bound to be splashes on the floor, but it really doesn’t matter.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in a wide choice of different patterns and colours and can imitate stone, wood, slate, marble, concrete, and so on. At Floor Direct, we can supply and fit luxury vinyl flooring for you in any room in your home, not just in the bathroom or kitchen. 

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