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How about walking in bare feet during cold weather?

London is known with floods especially in wintertime. Moreover, how many of you face leak issues whether from their neighbours or even within their own place.

The damage that water can cause your flooring is numerous. Perhaps the risk of your sub floor becoming damp and full of moisture is the one alerting. Apart from the health issues that moisture can cause and the damage it causes to your floor, sub floor and potentially your walls, the bad news is that you cannot replace your flooring with a new one, unless you make sure that your sub floor is dry, otherwise you will be wasting your money.

Therefore, investing a little bit extra and hiring a professional company that will perform a moisture level test, and accordingly advise what type and quantity of dehumidifiers with industrial fans is needed to speed up the drying process, will be a wise decision and investment.

Floor direct will inspect and read your floor and sub floor moisture level and will quote you for setting up the best solution, so you avoid nightmares in the future.